09/06/2014 – New features coming to CloudFella

CloudFella is currently being improved to provide both new services and enhancement to the current ones. This is a short list of features and enhancements currently in the work:

  •        Option to remove from CloudFella all metadata related to a single cloud service
  •        Option to delete  files listed from the cloud services they belong to
  •        Validating CloudFella to work properly with iOS8
  •        Validating CloudFella to work properly with bigger iPhone screen sizes
  •        Adding iCloudDrive to the list of supported Cloud services
  •        Adding  Box to the list of supported Cloud services
  •        Improving search duplicate algorithm
  •        Provide better user experience browsing pictures in your cloud services
  •        iPad optimized version

Stay tuned for more news! In the meantime, support CloudFella downloading and using it for accessing your favorite cloud services!

08/29/2014 – CloudFella 1.2.5 is available in iTunes

CloudFella 1.2.5 is currently available for download. It has a new clean and beautiful user interface plus bug fixes and small improvements.

Thanks to all customers that contact us with RFEs , BUGs report and feature request: we are listening and will take care of you!