Known Issues

Albeit we work hard to provide the best possible experience to our customers, bugs are inevitable.

We encourage CloudFella’s users to contact us with details of potential bugs and will take good care of you: this is our promise to CloudFella’s customers.

Find below a list of known issues in CloudFella app:


Bug 0918 “Dashboard page scrolling issue with iOS9 and iPhone 6”



CloudFella dashboard does not scroll properly with iOS9 on iPhone 6


This was an iOS 9 issue: the new iOS 9.1 fixes the problem

Bug Fix Status:

GREEN. The issue is no longer seen with iOS 9.1, this confirming that it was an iOS bug and not CloudFella’s




Bug 0723 “In certain conditions CloudFella’s duplicate finder feature will crash the app”

Description: Has been verified in the field that duplicate finder feature may crash CloudFella. We identified the following contributing factors:

      1. Older iPhones (iPhone 4/ iPhone 4s) ;
      2. Very large dataset ( more than 10000 file’s metadata stored in the iPhone);
      3. Background services using significant amount of RAM.

CloudFella’s unique duplicate finder feature  is very cpu and memory intensive, so if running with one of more of the contributing factors in place may cause some memory pressure that will force iOS to kill the app.

Workaround:  Close apps with background services running before using CloudFella’s duplicate finder feature

Bug Fix status: YELLOW . We are working on making more efficient CloudFella’s Duplicate Finder algorithm. This, together with new and more powerful iPhone soon in the market should mitigate the occurrence of the issue .


Bug 0610 “Failure in metadata or files download may cause the app to get stuck with ‘downloading’ message”

Description: Has been verified  that:

        • In case of partial network failure or
        • If an external issue cause the download operation to fail

CloudFella’s ‘downloading’ alert will not be disabled, this forcing user to restart the application in order to continue using app.

Workaround:  None

Bug Fix status: GREEN. Bug has been fixed in CloudFella 1.1.0 . Current version 1.2.5 (available in iTunes) has the fix .


Bug 0820 “In CloudFella 1.1.0 loading metadata from Ms OneDrive does not work properly”

Description: CloudFella 1.1.0 introduces a bug where the ‘downloading’ alert will never disappear while retrieving OneDrive’s metadata (even after the download is completed)., this forcing user to restart the application in order to continue using the app.

Workaround:  Restart needed to continue using the App

Bug Fix status: GREEN. Bug has been fixed in CloudFella 1.2.5 currently available in iTunes.


Bug 0901 “In CloudFella loading metadata from Dropbox folders with more than 10000 files will fail”

Description: DropBox’ REST API limits file access to 10,000 files per folder. When retrieving  files metadata from a folder that has more than 10000 files, the service will return an error .

Workaround:  Have folders with less than 10000 files in it.

Bug Fix status: GREEN. Not a bug, it’s just the way Dropbox works. Also it makes sense to use multiple folder to organize a large collection of files.