Sometimes loading my file’s info in CludFella from Dropbox fails and I got dozens of alerts

Download of your files metadata likely failed with the error “Quota exceeded”. That means that Dropbox put a limit on the number of api calls to the service (per user) and you exceeded this limit. They usually do this to avoid abuses. Every time you swipe to load the metadata, CloudFella will start a series of api calls to Dropbox: one call for each file. If you have 10000 files and you swipe twice you will get that error.It may happens also at the first swipe: it’s kind of random but it’s not caused by CloudFella.

CloudFella reacts to the error showing a dialog box with error. If the errors are dozens you will get dozens of dialog boxes: this was a bug and is fixed in CloudFella 1.1.0 currently out in iTunes

If you use Dropbox accounts with 1000-2000 files you won’t see the issue loading metadata with CloudFella, unless you keep swiping several times in a row to load the same metadata all over again (not sure why you would do that).